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LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - Chanting "Obama, Obama, where are you? The majority of the demonstrators were of Chaldean descent.The demonstration was intended to raise awareness about the violent persecution of Christians in their native land at the hands of Islamic State militants."We need support from all over the world, especially the USA. I don't know what they're waiting for." Khairon called the situation "genocide" and expressed frustration at the lack of action on the part of the US and international community.Many demonstrators waved signs or wore shirts depicting the Arabic letter that is painted by militants on the houses of Christians to mean "Nassara," or "Nazarene," to identify those targeted for persecution.Any unauthorized use, without prior written consent of Catholic Online is strictly forbidden and Byron Sadik It’s no secret we live in a post-marital society – where it’s easier to get divorced than it is to find a job. As a man, I can only attest to the the male point-of-view of why we’d rather get punched in the jaw with a chainsaw than go to a wedding. On the contrary, in Asia, white is actually a symbol of death. And instead of dancing, why not have other fun activities? It was burnt down by the Danes and rebuilt by Edward the Elder and the Normans.

Islamic militants have released videos on Facebook and other social media showing mass executions of Christians and other Iraqis.

The Aramaic language has fewer consonants than Arabic, so during the 7th century new Arabic letters were created by adding dots to existing letters in order to avoid ambiguities.

Further diacritics indicating short vowels were introduced, but are only generally used to ensure the Qur'an was read aloud without mistakes.

Marriage rates have decreased and people are marrying later than ever. If I were a woman, I’d probably hate the outfit-shopping, female politicking the likes of pre-WWI Europe, and of course, the god-awful stripper heels that are somehow appropriate. Allegedly, in Western culture, white is a traditional symbol of purity. Which makes perfect sense because she’s not your bride-to-be, she’s the Grim Reaper. And what do the men, the collateral damage of this tragedy, get in all of this? You get to dress up like a princess, and we have to dress up like your butler. Why do you get to have what you want while I have to stand around looking like I should be carrying a tray of champagne glasses? If you get to dress up like a princess, why can’t I dress up like Darth Vader? Who says you can’t have a Street Fighter tournament at a wedding?

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Many scholars, religious people, and obnoxious relatives (who are dying for you to get hitched because, hey, wedding) are searching for answers. Anyhoo, guys hate weddings because they’re all about the woman and her fantasy. But still, you get to pick that dream dress, that dress you’ve been pining for ever since society brainwashed you into thinking that it’s not love unless you spend a fortune on it. Beating up your new spouse in a video game is more wholesome than doing it in real life.

Cheshunt Great House was the home of Cardinal Wolsey.

Your reality: That thank-you email was a show of good manners, not a subtle hint for him to ask you out again.… continue reading »

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I tested his thesis by constructing a 2-year regression model of the U. 10-year Treasury yield given daily Comex copper and gold prices. Figure 1 compares the model output to the 10-year Treasury yield.… continue reading »

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